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About Us
NRTRC Board of Directors
NRTRC Board of Directors
Want to learn more about telehealth and NRTRC? Read NRTRC FAQ

About Us

NRTRC Board of Directors
NRTRC Board of Directors
The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center provides technical assistance in developing Telehealth networks and applications to serve rural and underserved communities. We leverage the collective expertise of 41 Telehealth networks in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming to share information and resources and develop new Telehealth programs. The NRTRC provides technical assistance for new programs and applications, increases exposure to Telehealth as a healthcare delivery tool, improves access to specialty care through regional collaboration, develops information on best practices and Telehealth toolkits, and provides information and facilitates discussion of regional regulatory, policy, and reimbursement issues.

Our Mission is to advance the development, implementation, and integration of telehealth through:
  • Sharing information
  • Leveraging resources
  • Creating a synergistic telehealth community

Our Vision: Access to quality healthcare for everyone.

Program History

The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) was created in 2005 by a group of Telehealth leaders in the Region who came together to develop the network. They shared a vision and goal of advancing Telehealth in the Northwest. Representatives from 33 health care organizations in 8 states and the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands worked to develop a collective mission and vision, create a Board of Directors, by-laws, and a consortium to advance the concept of a multi-state Center.

Two Board Members were elected from each of the states, and met regularly to identify common areas of interest and need, and to identify areas for collaboration. The region’s Telehealth networks possess a wealth of experience and expertise. Many are considered pioneers in the development of Telehealth networks and applications. Consortium members have influenced policy, such as reimbursement, licensure, credentialing and have worked to eliminate barriers to the evolution of telemedicine and Telehealth. Two of our Board members are past presidents of the American Telemedicine Association, a great honor for us.

The NRTRC received funding from the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) in 2006. This grant allowed NRTRC to employ a small staff that could focus on expanding NRTRC’s collaborative activities throughout the region. We are currently in our third grant cycle, continuing to build on the work of our Board and staff as we approach the era of the Affordable Care Act.

In 2010, the NRTRC underwent a few changes and a slight size reduction when Hawaii and the US – Affiliated Pacific Islands formed a new Telehealth Resource Center, the Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center (PBTRC). This separation was logical because of the growing need for the islands to address their unique challenges and to expand their reach internationally. It also made calling a meeting a bit easier, as the original NRTRC spanned eight time zones. We now only have to worry about three!

NRTRC offices are currently located in Billings, Montana. The NRTRC provides service for 7 states, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming and we have a membership of 41 Telehealth networks.


  • Affordability
  • Availability of information
  • Collaboration and community
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Facilitation
  • Healthy People
    • Evaluation and outcomes analysis
    • Remove health disparities
  • Innovation and diffusion of innovation
  • Quality of Care
    • Access to care
    • Continuity of care and services
  • Service
  • Standardization
  • Sustainability
Want to learn more about telehealth and NRTRC? Read NRTRC FAQ

NRTRC Board:

Representatives to the NRTRC board are located in seven northwestern states:
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Our board members are pioneers in the world of Telehealth and several have influenced Telehealth policy and evolution on the national level.

Meet our Board Members

We specialize in:

  • Information exchange through website and personal contact
  • Educational opportunities
  • Monthly NRTRC and National TRC Webinars
  • White Papers and Toolkits
  • Annual Telemedicine Conference
  • Network collaboration opportunities
  • Statewide Telehealth meetings
  • Coalition building
  • Research and reporting on Telehealth Issues
  • Collaboration with National TRCs
  • Coaching
  • A rich social media atmosphere to share information in a wider arena
  • Technical Assistance
  • Linkages to a wide variety of Telehealth/Telemedicine organizations


Deb LaMarche, Principal Investigator / Program Director

Deb  LaMarche
The Principal Investigator/Program Director provides the overall direction and oversight of the project by working with partners to ensure support, commitment, and involvement to advance the project's goals and objective.  Additionally, plans, implements, directs, and evaluates the NRTRC project.
NRTRC Phone: (801) 587-0349
Office: (801) 587-6190

Shannon Christensen, Program Manager

Shannon Christensen
The Program Manager plans, organizes, and manages all operational and administrative aspects of program. Additionally, she serves as a catalyst between the department and customers by facilitating program development and coordinating NRTRC activities.  
NRTRC Phone: (801) 587-0349 
Office: (801) 585-7686

Marta Petersen, M.D., Medical Director

Marta  Petersen, M.D.
The Medical Director serves as medical advisor to the NRTRC and explores coordination with VA telehealth activities in VISN 19.  This position advises in the evaluation of health care professional telehealth curriculum and distance educational programs.

Ana Maria Lopez, M.D., Director of Telehealth Engagement and Quality

Ana Maria Lopez, M.D.
The Director of Telehealth Engagement and Quality serves as advisor to the NRTRC and liaison to University of Utah Health.  This position works with staff to engage with providers in underserved areas; advise on quality initiatives, and in the evaluation of health care professional telehealth curriculum and distance educational programs.

Marz Cesarini, Associate Director IT

Marz Cesarini
The Associate Director, IT directs UTN network & media services teams.  This position serves as a key technical resource and oversees technical support of NRTRC activities, including webinars and videoconferences.  He serves as staff liaison to the NRTRC Technical Committee and provides technical assistance to NRTRC constituents.

NRTRC Join Us: Become a Member

Our members include Telehealth networks, individuals and vendors. The member Networks are listed below. We invite you to take a look at who supports NRTRC and to add your organization to this list of Telehealth leaders.

There is no charge for membership, but there are benefits.

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