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COVID-19 and Telehealth Resources

The recent surge in proactive measures to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has occupied our attention and efforts over the last two weeks. While we are thrilled with the fact the telehealth is at the forefront of the news as an effective tool for addressing COVID-19, we understand that it is under unfortunate circumstances that have made it such. We appreciate all that you do to offer the best quality of care possible to rural and underserved citizens, and we hope that you all stay healthy and safe!

The Utah Telehealth Network is actively working with the Utah Department of Health to assess the telehealth capacity and needs of healthcare organizations in the state. We recognize that there are many gaps and needs in this area and we hope that we can fulfill our mission to serve as a telehealth resource and technical support organization for each of you.

Provider Resources
View the NRTRC Telehealth Quick Start Guide, as well as resources, videos, and links for healthcare providers.
National Resources
View resources, webinars, policy updates and toolkits to assist with COVID-19.
Patient Resources
Find resources, training videos, and best practices for patients.
Emergency Declarations
See the latest information on your state's Emergency Declaration here.
Emergency Broadband Benefit
Provider and Consumer resources for the FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit.