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Online Course: The Science of Healthcare Quality Improvement through a Telehealth Lens

Course at Capacity. Registration Closed

Course Description:

We invite you to register for a three-part series on healthcare quality improvement through a telehealth lens, presented by the NRTRC. This series will help you learn how to apply a well-established framework to systematically improve care through telehealth using quality improvement principles, leveraging proven models, and using data to improve telehealth service delivery.

Trudy Bearden, the course instructor, has a wealth of improvement experience as a QI coordinator, QI consultant, and telehealth expert and has delivered QI trainings and practice coaching for over 15 years. She will be available for questions by email between the sessions as needed and for up to four weeks after conclusion of the course.

We will take a train-the-trainer approach, and all materials (e.g., slides, resources) can be used to build or augment QI training at your organization.

Target Audience: Anyone looking for initial QI training or to strengthen their QI acumen will benefit from this course, but the overarching goal of the course is to embed improvement science into telehealth, making this course most appropriate for providers delivering telehealth, telehealth program directors/managers or QI coordinators who want to drive telehealth improvement.

Cost: $145 (early bird registration $125 through December 1, 2022)

Session Dates: January 19, February 16, March 16 - all sessions are held noon - 1:30 pm MT


Course Objectives:


Session 1:
The Model for Telehealth Improvement

  • Level set our understanding and language of improvement
  • Take a deep dive into the first three elements of the Model for Improvement (MFI)
  • Clarify how the MFI is essential for improving telehealth efficiency, quality, safety, and person-centeredness 

Pre-work: Identify 1-3 areas at your organization that need to be improved, preferably around telehealth or virtual care, if you are involved in this work.

Post work: Complete a project charter and provide it to the instructor for review and feedback. 

Course Materials

Session 2:
PDSAs - The Heart of Improvement & Data - Your Telehealth Performance Enhancer

  • Build skill in planning and executing plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycles
  • Avoid common PDSA pitfalls
  • Dive into data and explore how best to use it to drive improvements in telehealth

Pre-Work: Submit at least three changes you or your organization are considering trying to improve a telehealth service delivery.

Post work: Complete the PLAN part of a PDSA and send it to the instructor for review and feedback.

Course Materials

Session 3:
Telehealth Process Improvement Mapping

  • Master the key concepts for effective process mapping
  • Experience real-time process mapping using a telehealth-related workflow
  • Explore embedding telehealth process mapping at your organization

Pre-Work: Identify at least 1-3 workflows that are in need of improvement at your organization.

Post work (optional): Complete a process map and send it to the instructor for review and feedback.

Course Materials