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Telemedicine and Technical Risk Management

12:00 PM August 29th
Peter House, CEO/Founder and President, Deeptree

Healthcare organizations must examine IT infrastructure for Telemedicine because remote connections through transitional means are no longer reliable or secure enough. The system is changing from a hospital-based acute care system to one focused on a community-based wellness and prevention. Technology is helping Telemedicine shape change by providing infrastructure for academic sharing, improved outcomes and consultations with specialists for remote locations. Many home-based projects face cost barriers, new and unexpected risks and lack of infrastructure. Telehealth has technical risk management and infrastructure requirements. Providers using technology solutions must maintain access to broadband internet, technology devices and should establish access to competent technical staff. Those wanting to execute a telehealth service, need access to people who can answer questions about programs and systems. Common hardware includes carts, desktops, computers and tablets. Carts are used for clinical care and education, meetings and interviews. The basic technology includes telecommunications, telephones and internet. Equipment, software and networks must meet HIPAA requirements and be kept safe from those who may want data for ill intended purposes. Providers must work with federal, State, local public and private sectors to address shortcomings and develop cost effective relationships with entities that build network links that facilitate safe services.
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