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Treating SNF Patients in Place with Telehealth

13:15 PM April 16th
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Waseem Ghannam MD, MBD, MHSA, TeleHealthSolution
Ron Emerson, RN, BSN, AMD Global Telemedicine

This presentaion has been updated for COVID-19. Hospital readmissions are a huge challenge for healthcare organizations costing millions of dollars/year in penalties and lost revenue while putting patients at risk for delirium, stress and discomfort. Statistically, 30 day hospital readmissions for elderly patients markedly increases morbidity and development of secondary complications. This session will showcase how 91.5% of post-acute care patients are being treated in place, through the use of telehealth in facilities across the nation. Learn how skilled nursing facilities leverage telemedicine technology and tele-hospitalists to reduce unnecessary transfers to the hospital, and have dropped readmission rates to less than 9%.  Dr. Waseem Ghannam, hospitalist physician, will provide data to prove how telehealth has made an impact on their patient care, and resulted in hospital savings of over $8 million and SNF rehab payments saved of over $2 million. In addition, specific use case examples will be shared of improved patient outcomes and reduction in re-admission rates.  To ensure you get started off in the right direction, there are critical factors that every organization needs to address. Ron Emerson at AMD Telemedicine will provide best practice models and key considerations that need to be discussed within your organization, prior to committing to and implementing telehealth.

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