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The Virtual School Health Model: A Solution for Increasing Access to School Nursing and Behavioral Health Services

10:30 AM August 30th
Sheila Freed, RN, School Health Director, Avera eCARE

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model promoted by the Centers for Disease Control discusses how every aspect ofstudent health can affect learning. School staff are now being challenged to be both school nurse and mental health therapist; however, their training is in education, not healthcare. 

Join us as we creatively explore a virtual solution to reduce health care access issues and extend professional school nurse and therapist services to our rural, frontier and suburban communities.  In this presentation we will discuss how Avera® eCARE School Health brings school nursing and mental health expertise to geographically disadvantaged students and families through technology.  By focusing on the ‘Whole Student’, students receiving virtual health care experience less health related barriers to learning.

eCARE School Health provides virtual school nursing to 31schools in South Dakota and North Dakota and recently began providing virtualbehavioral health therapy.  
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