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FQHC Reimbursement and Sustainability Models When Contracting For Specialty Care

15:05 PM April 16th
Rebecca Picasso, ProgramDirector, California Telehealth Resource Center
Kathy Chorba, ExecutiveDirector, California Telehealth Resource Center

Financial sustainability is a critical component of asuccessful telehealth program. This presentation will provide an overview ofMedicare and FQHC reimbursement for telehealth and will take a deep dive intovarious sustainability models when using the FQHC Financial SustainabilityWorksheet. This presentation will also provide an overview of specifictelehealth questions to discuss with a specialty provider group prior tocontracting for services. Tools provided at the end of the presentation willinclude FQHC Billing Models document, 20 Questions to Ask a Specialty ServiceProvider document, and the interactive FQHC Telehealth Financial SustainabilitySpreadsheet.
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