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Added Cost or Value Add?: Exploring the financial impact of a discounted, direct-to-consumer telehealth program

9:50 AM April 17th
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Tim Lovell, MBA, Director, Telehealth Operations, Intermountain Healthcare

On-demand, direct-to-consumer video (or virtual) visits represent one of the largest outpatient telehealth services. Due to the absence of an in-person physical examination, some question the effectiveness,efficiency and value of virtual care visits to both systems and to patients.  To address these questions, we conducted a retrospective, cross-sectional review of Intermountain Healthcare’s virtual care program, Connect Care.  This presentation will share the results of the study plus some of our own analysis on patient experience and cost savings. Using SelectHealth claims data, we reviewed the total cost of care across urgent, primary, emergency and virtual care and found no differences in follow-up rates between virtual and urgent care and no differences in antibiotic use between virtual and urgent or primary care. Virtual care was significantly lower than all other care settings in utilization of laboratory and imaging services, index visit cost and total costs over 21 days. This study affirmed lower cost for virtual care without an associated increase in overall follow-up rates of antibiotic use when compared with urgent or primary care.

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