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Improving Access to Gender Affirming Care

10:45 AM April 17th
Crystal Beal, MD, QueerDoc

For transgender and gender diverse people (TG/GD) socialdeterminants of health such as SES, access to transportation, health insurancestatus, geographical location, and intersectional issues affect access tolife-saving gender affirming care.  Byleveraging social media and telemedicine, providers can improve access toexpert, individualized, affirming care from the safety of patient's ownhome.  By offering sliding scaletelemedicine services with transparent pricing, the effects of SES status andhealth insurance status can be reduced. Telemedicine minimizes the effect of transportation and geographicallocation barriers.  Social media exposureallows transparency around the provider and clinic's views and valuesdecreasing fear of discrimination.  Telemedicinebased gender affirming care offers improved access to care in areas where careis otherwise minimal or limited by social determinants of health helpingimprove the quality of life of TG/GD people!

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