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Removing Obstacles to Engagement: What Makes an Effective Telehealth Intervention for Older Adults?

11:15 AM April 17th
Supriya Pandya, SeniorIntervention Coordinator, Oregon Health and Science University
Khoa Nguyen, LeadTechnology Coordinator, Oregon Health and Science University
Colton Scavone, ResearchAssessor, Oregon Health and Science University
Avery Richardson, ResearchAssessor, Oregon Health and Science University
Alyx Shepherd, ResearchCoordinator, Oregon Health and Science University
Hiroko Dodge, PhD, OverallPrinciple Investigator, Oregon Health and Science University

Telehealth may be in the unique position to implementinnovative, user-friendly approaches for combatting social isolation andcognitive decline. Our team has been conducting randomized controlled clinicaltrials over the past 10 years, examining the impact of social interaction onbrain health. Currently, our I-CONECT (Internet-Based Conversational EngagementClinical Trial) Study is seeking to understand whether addressing isolation andloneliness in older adults by harnessing telehealth technologies can improvecognitive functions and prevent dementia. Having completed our first year ofthe newly launched intervention project, we have received interesting responsesand feedback from participants which have helped us to create meaningfulengagement through video conferencing. We will discuss the lessons we havelearned on how to create and measure quality engagement in video chats, and ourapproaches to addressing the social determinants of cognitive decline throughinteractive conversational techniques aimed at specific brain functions. Wewill also present our in-house developed video chat application that isspecially designed to alleviate technological barriers and make engaging inconversation as easy as tapping a button.

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