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Leveraging data and technology to create personalized experiences in therapy

11:20 AM April 17th
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Syed Mohammed, Founder/ CEO, Enable My Child
Shelli Dry, OTD, Director of Clinical Operations, Enable My Child

When supported with AI and machine learning technology, teletherapy allows providers to design and deliver highly-tailored treatment plans. Today’s modern telehealth platforms go far beyond simple tasks like session logging,patient record keeping, scheduling, and video conferencing. Computer vision technology can track a patient’s micro expressions in real-time, while natural language processing (NLP) can analyze and index session dialogue. All of this data is stored and analyzed in detail to help therapists personalize patient sessions and continuously develop a predictive treatment plan, resulting in better patient experiences with higher treatment efficacy and shorter duration. Dr.Shelli Dry, OTD and Director of Clinical Operation at Enable My Child, will share insights on how providers can take a human-centric approach when integrating emerging technologies into the patient experience. Referencing her work, Dr. Dry’s presentation will provide a road map for creating engaging,personalized, and data-driven experiences for patients through:
■ An exploration of how modern teletherapy can be deployed at the patient-level across various points of treatment
■ Insights into how AI, machine learning, and other forms of emerging technology can be leveraged to customize the patient experience.
■ Case studies demonstrating how these strategies have transformed patient outcomes in the real world.

Presentation slides
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