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AI-based chatbot for same-day care navigation

11:15 AM April 17th
Dean Guo, SeniorTechnical Program Manager, Providence Health Services
Maryam Gholami, VP ofProduct, Digital Innovation Group, Providence Health and Services
Thanh Nguyen, Executive Director and Chief Clinical Officer,Providence Express Care

Historically, patients who felt sick would visit a primary-carephysician, or, for more serious or pressing concerns, the ED.  This is changing with the availability ofsame-day care options such as Providence Express Care virtual visits and retailclinics.  While these access points aregreat, patients are still getting familiar with them.  We have developed and deployed an AI-basedchatbot, Grace, as a virtual assistant for a patient to navigate Express Careoptions based on a typed-in chief complaint, start a virtual visit, schedule aclinic appointment, and ask frequently asked questions.  Grace has been test-launched since June 2018and we have added a symptom checker to help determine possible causes andrecommend Express Care options since November 2019.  We are using the build-measure-learnframework to continuously improve patient engagement experience and helppatients find the right Express Care, in the right place, at the right time.  We hope that our experience using the AI-basedchatbot can be useful to provide care navigation in telehealth such astelebehavioral health and caring for elders and/or persons with disabilitiesusing virtual care.
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