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COVID-19 Transmission Prevention using Telehealth Capabilities

15:55 PM April 16th
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Presentation slides are at the bottom of the page. 

Cheryl Ledward MBA MTech, .Clinic Manager, Intermountain Healthcare
KristinDascomb MD PhD, Medical Director - Infection Prevention, Intermountain Healthcare
Todd Vento MD MPH FACP FIDSA, Medical Director, Infectious Disease Telehealth, Intermountain Healthcare
Andrew Davis BS, LSSGB,  Project Coordinator, Intermountain Healthcare  
KerryPalakanis, DNP, FNP-C, Executive Director, Connect Care, Intermountain Healthcare

Any outbreak requires a robust public health response. Even small outbreaks have significant risk and cost impacts that place strain on a healthcare system. The role of telemedicine care in disaster response to limit exposure, protect patients and caregivers and thereby protect the health care system was first tested by Intermountain Healthcare during a measles outbreak in 2018/2019 and again most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, both viruses being highly infectious in nature. The ability of telehealth care to rapidly identify high risk cases and implement targeted control measures before patients physically entered the healthcare system, became evident when our preexisting transmission prevention workflow was adapted and deployed during this emerging pandemic. This session will focus on how we leveraged our telehealth platforms to manage the onset of the COVID crisis through the development of a crisis management center to facilitate prompt public health interventions during a period of increasing community transmission.

Presentation slides
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