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Program Planning and Implementation

Operating a Telemedicine Network can be an exciting challenge. It is also very rewarding. As part of our process of sharing information to help new and existing networks grow and bring greater access to healthcare to underserved areas, we offer information and advice from existing successful Telemedicine/Telehealth providers. By looking at their successes and lessons learned, we believe you can ensure your network operates in the most efficient, effective way possible. We invite you to browse through our documents to garner ideas that will enhance your network’s operations.

Risk Managment

Risk Management is a serious consideration for everyone, but especially to healthcare providers. There is not much information on the subject of risk management and Telehealth because the discipline is still fairly young. Our colleagues at the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center have provided some links to discussions on the subject, and we’ll share them here:

From Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience comes this discussion on telepsychiatry: To read more click here

The National Association of Rural Health Centers offers a risk management guide for download at this address: To read more click here
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