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Marketing Telehealth

Marketing can be the most exciting part of a Telehealth solution. It’s an opportunity to win followers and fans, take victory laps, grow your solution, and set expectations so that you have fewer headaches during the rough times. However, marketing is sorely underdeveloped in Telehealth and we have a few tips that can help!

• Define your audience. This should be simple, but can get challenging pretty quickly. Do you want to encourage patients to use your services? Looking for specialty providers to work with your patients? Are you interested in enrolling Critical Access Hospitals? Each of these (and more) is a separate target audience and each needs a message tailored to their needs.
• Fine tune your message. As stated above, you may have several potential target markets. Each market will need to be approached differently. Be sure you avoid the “one message fits all” marketing mistake.
• Prepare a marketing budget. It’s much easier to plan your marketing strategies and prioritize markets when you know how much you can spend on marketing. Careful budgeting can help you keep your marketing plan active.
• Schedule your marketing efforts. You might find that advertising a particular service during a special observation will draw more attention. For example, if you’re offering tele-echo cardiograms for heart health, you might want to roll out your marketing materials during national heart month.
• Be sure your marketing approaches are aimed at solving your target market’s problems. Local specialty care can be a solution to potential patients who can’t afford to take time off to travel to ‘the big city’ to see a specialist. A more complete and efficient workday might offer a solution to a specialty provider. More patients staying local and more bed days might be a good message to offer a Critical Access Hospital.
• And more! Don’t hesitate to contact NRTRC and discuss marketing your Telehealth Network.
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