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Mental Health

The tele-mental health protocols and procedures listed here are a representative sample of available documents. We’ve borrowed from our colleagues at the American Telemedicine Association, which has several active groups developing protocols.
Northwest Telehealth has shared this protocol as another potential model for your organization.
Partners in Health Telehealth Network (PHTN) has offered some protocols for you to use as a guide to developing your own.
The Northern Idaho Rural Health Consortium, (NIRH) shares a suggested list of Tele-mental Health Project Objectives and Measures.
Consent for treatment is viewed in different ways by different networks. Some require a special Telehealth consent form, others consider the initial consent for treatment to be sufficient. If your organization feels it is necessary to have a separate Telehealth Consultation form, you can use this one from the Utah Telehealth Network as a model.
Here you can find information related to States Psychology Board Telepscyhology Laws, Regulations, Policies and opinions.
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