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Telehealth NewsHow can the NRTRC help you grow and develop your Telehealth Program?

How can the NRTRC help you grow and develop your Telehealth Program?

May 07, 2014

One of NRTRC's primary objectives is to help Telehealth providers in the region grow and develop their organizations. We do that through a number of means.

It might be direct help through research and reporting, introductions to between new and established providers or sharing data on our website (

Another means of providing information and assistance is through our annual Telehealth Conference. At the conference we offer both half-day sessions (Telehealth 101) and hour-long presentations in our Clinical/Administrative and Technology Tracks.

We have some ongoing committees that meet regularly to discuss ideas and share challenges and solutions and we meet with outside groups regularly to spread the word about Telehealth.

Another option is to refer our clients to outside learning opportunities that we have found to be valuable. One such training program is offered by the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP).ATP is a well-established and excellent organization and a good friend of NRTRC. They have just sent out a reminder of their upcoming course, Developing A Telemedicine Program. Believe me, ATP knows how to develop a Telemedicine program. And their courses are excellent. I've attended two and have come away knowing and understanding more about Telehealth each time. So if you're new to Telehealth or are thinking about building or expanding a program, I'd suggest you take a look at the ATP training, scheduled for May 12. Here's a link to the course description:

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