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Questions, Questions

July 16, 2014

Questions, questions, questions. We thrive on questions. Ask anything about Telehealth and we’ll do what we can to find you an answer. For instance in the last two days we’ve received a batch of interesting queries. We got a request for information about store-and-forward dermatology from a network member the other day. I didn’t know anything about the discipline. But our members did. We got a series of helpful responses from around the region and our requester is on his way to figuring out how to best use the discipline. Just yesterday afternoon I got a question about digital stethoscopes. I knew that there were such things, but didn’t know much about which ones worked well and which didn’t. After a few minutes’ research I was able to forward a link to TTAC’s website with a huge amount of information discussing how a practice could rate stethoscopes for themselves and a number of responses from networks who are using the instruments all the time and have found that some work better than others. That’s what NRTRC is here for: to share information. Got a question about Telehealth? We may not know the answer, but we certainly know how to find out. Give us a try!

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