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Watching Telehealth Expand

July 30, 2014

I went down to St. George, Utah, last weekend. My purpose was simple and selfish. I wanted to go to an airshow that was featuring the Blue Angels. I’ve been a fan of the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron since I first saw them fly in 1969 and knew I could get into St. George without too much hassle. While hanging around in the crowd waiting for the show to start, I struck up a conversation with a couple sitting in front of me. They asked what I do for a living and told them I work in Telehealth. They lit up. He has used Telehealth as a patient and she’s with Worker’s Comp and uses Telehealth for consultation with her clients’ physicians and arranges for her clients to see physicians through Telehealth. It used to be that when I talked with people in casual conversation and told them I was in Telehealth, they gave me kind of a blank stare and said, “That’s nice.” These days, when I tell them where I work, they say, “Oh, yes, I have done that.” We’re making great progress!

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