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Seeing Progress

August 11, 2014

It's nice to see progress and goals achieved by the people we help. I just received an invitation to the grand opening of a community health center. Why? Well, I believe it was because we helped the Oregon-based Center get up and running in their Telehealth service. I got an e-mail from the center's CEO about six months ago. Is it possible, he wondered, for a community health center to offer Telehealth services? Sure is, I responded, and sent him some information.

That was the start of an exchange of information. We sent protocols and procedures they could emulate, white papers and discussions on the discipline they were considering offering via Telehealth and as they came to understand Telehealth more, to connect them with providers of those services in other areas, where competition will not be an issue for discussions in detail about the Telehealth offering.

Along the way we got a lot of help from our Board members, other Telehealth Resource Centers and some Telehealth associations. It all came together in our client's Grand Opening Ceremony. So congratulations to our client and thanks to our supporters who provided information and assistance throughout the project. It just goes to show you that Telehealth people are the best in the Northwest!

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