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Telehealth's Future

October 08, 2014

On Monday I wrote about NRTRC's new project, trying to foresee telehealth's future. That's an interesting challenge because the future keeps changing and looking different. Part of what I'll be trying to do is bring in as many expert opinions as I can and sift through them for commonalities and grains of clairvoyant astuteness. But in order to ask decent questions I've got to have at least some basis in knowledge, and that's where you can help me get off to a good start. What do you feel is telehealth's future? Where are we going from here? What's going to be the biggest improvement in telehealth care? What's going to be the next great invention? The coolest new gadget? And don't think in terms of the next announcement from Apple or Microsoft, think in terms of a couple years down the road. What do you see coming that nobody else sees right now? Post a comment or contact me directly to share your thoughts.

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