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Virtual Care Clinics

November 12, 2014

Man, it's cold in Montana. -4° when I came to work today and warming all the way up to 9° as I write this. That'll likely be the high for the day. But today's weather is not only a reminder that my favorite season is on its way, but also a reminder of the value of telehealth. Why should someone who is already sick be forced to go out on a brutally cold day like to day and probably exacerbate their illness, when they could connect virtually with a provider and be 'seen' in the warmth of their own home? There are a lot of companies out there that are starting to do home care over the phone and a few that are starting to do virtual care over the Internet. Some of our member hospitals are starting 'virtual clinics' for existing patients and that seems like a grand idea. When picking a distance care service, we recommend that you go with a known commodity, someone who has your records and knows your history rather than someone who takes your credit card but doesn't know you at all. A few years ago, virtual urgent care service wasn't available. Today, more and more hospitals and clinics are turning to telehealth for patient care. What a warm feeling that gives!

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