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Video Telehealth Toolkit

November 18, 2014

I do a lot of photography and feel fairly confident with that. But somebody volunteered me to start doing videos for NRTRC (it may have been me). We launched a pretty simple project a while back and I started on a steep learning curve. More recently, I've been working on a project with our colleagues at the Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center , so I'm getting back in video mode. Jonathan Neufeld was in Billings a few weeks back and we spent a day in the studio preparing a Video Telehealth Toolkit. It's an exciting project and I think it will be very helpful. In the eleven-part series, Jonathan goes through the process of getting ready to provide telehealth care for a patient using videoconferencing. He starts with some ideas that can go a long way toward making the conference look and sound good using the technology, then delves in to the world of provider presence and patient interaction aimed at helping providers succeed when seeing patients over a distance. It's a cool series and we've almost got it 'in the can.' We'll give you a formal announcement when it's ready for you to view, but that's been my obsession for the last few weeks and it's almost complete!

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