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March 11, 2015

How Telehealth Fits In

Lots of interesting work going on this month. I’m going to be presenting at the Montana Primary Care Association’s annual conference in April and have been starting the process of putting my presentation together. My first question was what can telehealth do for a Community Health Center? I was thinking along lines of types of care, types of connection and services that could be provided over the videoconferencing connection we often see used for telehealth.

It slowly dawned on me that there are no real limits to what a Community Health Center can offer through telehealth. If it’s available ‘out there,’ it’s available at the CHC. There’s so much that can be done remotely these days and the level of care is as good through telehealth as it is in person. Add to that the fact that CHC patients can get ‘big city’ care while staying at home and not having to take time off work to travel for care and you have a wonderful opportunity.

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