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Telehealth NewsAre you providing Tele-Dentistry?

Are you providing Tele-Dentistry?

May 20, 2015

A new search is underway. At least, it’s a new search for me. I’m looking for information about another great potential use of telehealth: tele-dentistry. I’ve spoken with dentists, Community Health Center (CHC) employees, telehealth network operators and telehealth coordinators and they all think that would be a wonderful use of telehealth. I agree.
While I wouldn’t particularly want an extraction from a distance, there’s no reason that a trained technician at the patient site couldn’t do a video scan of the patient’s mouth under the direction of a dentist in a distant location. The technician could also take photographs and forward them to the dentist. That would facilitate cancer screens, general dental health checkups and help with planning for future care. And it would save the provider and the patient travel time and expense if a care plan could be worked out before the dentist and patient meet in person.
But finding information about more than experimental programs is a challenge. I’ve got a lot of folks who say they want the information I develop, so I’ll give it a good go. If you know of a program that’s doing tele-dentistry, drop me a note and I’ll contact them. I’ll publish my findings on the website once I’ve compiled some useful information.

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