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Telehealth NewsWhat a busy month!

What a busy month!

May 27, 2015

This has been a big month for meetings. In the last four weeks, besides the Montana Primary Care Association meeting I wrote about earlier, I’ve attended the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health’s National Rural EMS Conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is another new association for us and we’re excited to make this connection. Rural Health is a critical component of telehealth and we want to be sure we are as well-connected into that area as possible. I represented the national Coalition of Telehealth Resource Centers in the exhibit hall.
Speaking of the National Coalition of TRCs, some of the NRTRC staff joined them as they attended the American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. It was cross-scheduled with the Rural EMS Conference, so we had to split up and go in different directions. I’ve been to ATA many times and it’s always an eye-opening collection of presentations and exhibits, but missing it this year in order to meet with the EMS folks was OK with me.
Spring is always the big time for meetings and conferences in the telehealth world, and this year has been even busier than usual. Now’s the time to settle into summer and stay a little closer to home.

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