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Telehealth NewsDoes Primary Care Have a Place in Telehealth?

Does Primary Care Have a Place in Telehealth?

June 03, 2015

Does Primary care have a place in telehealth, and if so, how can they establish that place? That’s a question we discussed recently at the Montana Primary Care Association’s Spring Symposium. I was fortunate to be invited to the meeting and asked to present on how telehealth can help Community Health Centers (CHC) expand the care they provide their patients. A few of the centers are using telehealth already, primarily in mental health care, but there’s much more that can be added to the menu.
I think we all agreed that telehealth can, indeed, be helpful for CHCs as we discussed remote patient monitoring, retinal screening and dentistry as potential telehealth applications that would benefit CHCs. Many CHCs have been providing tele-mental health for years now, and there’s always room to expand that offering in rural areas with sever provider shortages. Along with the ‘standard’ telehealth disciplines, I’m intrigues by the concept of teledentistry and am looking more deeply into the subject. CHCs are required to provide dental care, and a lot can be done remotely, saving time and travel for dentists and patients. I’ll share information as it becomes available.

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