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The Future of Telehealth

July 08, 2015

Did I tell you? Did you know? We’ve just put our newest white paper online. The Board asked the staff to figure out what the future of telehealth is going to be and publish a white paper making some predictions. That’s a real task, to be sure. Technology and health care change often, sometimes rapidly and occasionally in unexpected directions. Well, I dug in and started doing some research trying to become a healthcare clairvoyant. As I did the research, I found that there was more than one potential path telehealth could take. While I think the discipline will grow and be used more and more as time goes on, It wasn’t absolutely certain where telehealth is headed, especially in light of the fact that while the research and paper preparation were underway, we were waiting for the Supreme Court to hand down a decision on the exchanges and supplementary funding.

Well, we published the paper and the Court handed down its ruling, basically keeping the Affordable Care Act in its original form. The ACA does a lot to promote telehealth, so I think things will be stable, at least for a few years. I’d also like to give a shout out to Carl Lewis and Rob Sprang, who took the time to review and write thoughtful comments on the paper’s first draft. Their help was invaluable and I thank them for their generous assistance.

So if you’d like to see what my guess as to the future(s) of telehealth are, you can download the white paper here. And if I get it wrong, you can rub it in!

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