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Telehealth NewsHere's an Application of Telehealth we Haven't Seen yet.

Here's an Application of Telehealth we Haven't Seen yet.

September 09, 2015

Veterinary Tele-Radiology

I just came across a blog post from our colleague Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD. She was talking about teleradiology. Now teleradiology isn’t new. In fact, one could well argue that it is the true precursor to telehealth as we know it today. Today images are often read by radiologists in a location different and distant from the place they were taken. This is called store-and-forward telehealth because the images are usually not read in real-time by the radiologists, but stored and then transferred for reading. In fact, radiology has followed the suggestion our Conference Keynote speaker Jay Sanders, MD, often makes: “Let’s not call it telemedicine, let’s call it medicine.”
So what’s different and noteworthy in Elizabeth’s article? She was talking about teleradiology as it is used in veterinary medicine. That’s right, if you cat or horse or other pet needs an x-ray, but the provider locally doesn’t feel he or she should read the image, they can take the picture and send it to a veterinary radiologist who will read the image and make suggestions. NRTRC has never had a call from a veterinarian, but we’re ready to offer advice and assistance to that discipline. After all, we all have pets and want them to have the best care possible.

Here’s a link to Elizabeth’s blog post:

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