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NRTRC Committees

Policy Committee | Technical Committee | Tribal Committee

Policy Committee

Based on the fluidity of the changing telehealth policy landscape, the NRTRC will be forming a Policy Committee. State telehealth leaders will be convened by video to discuss ideas, successes, challenges and current state telehealth legislation to others in the region. The group will strategize ways to address legal and regulatory issues in the region, such as cross state licensure, regional interstate agreements, and hospital credentialing and privileging and reimbursement. The Committee will liaise with and utilize the resources of the Center for Connected Health Policy.

The NRTRC will continue efforts to address these issues in newsletters, webinars, and conferences. Several Advisory Board members have helped steer telehealth legislation and state-based rules through to enactment and will continue this effort as needed. A few of the goals of the NRTRC Policy committee will include:

If you are interested in joining the policy committee, or would like to nominate someone, please see our NRTRC Policy Committee Form.


Technical Committee

The NRTRC Technical Committee is made up of regional telehealth technology subject matter experts and meet quarterly on the second Wednesday of the month. The Technical Committee addresses new advances in technology, assists one another with technical challenges, and shares lessons learned. This telehealth technology community represents a pool of technical expertise that can offer guidance to those new to telehealth.

A few of the goals of the NRTRC Technical committee will include:

If you are interested in joining the technical committee, or would like to nominate someone, please see our NRTRC Technical Committee Form.


Call for Tribal Committee Members

The Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC), a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded entity, is looking to expand their focus committees to include tribal representation as part of their stakeholders. The mission of these committees is to advance the development, implementation and integration of telehealth programs. As a result of the feedback received from the 2021 NRTRC Annual Telehealth Conference tribal break-out session, the NRTRC is inviting representation from the various tribes throughout the northwest region (AK, ID, MT, OR, UT, WA and WY) to include both American Indians and Alaska Native people. It is proposed that this committee will meet for one hour increments on a quarterly basis. If you would like to learn more or nominate someone to represent the tribal community as a committee member, please see our Tribal Initiatives Contact form.