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Telehealth Applications


Clinical Services - Patient consults can be provided in two modes: 

Live Real Time - provides live patient to provider encounters.  

Store and Forward - allows specialists to review patient findings at convenient times without depending on the presence of the patient.  

Patient and Clinical Education Services - Educational Services can be provided through a Telehealth Network. Networks provide up-to-date and timely continuation education opportunities to healthcare providers and patients.  

Video Conferencing Support - Video conferencing allows face-to-face meetings while eliminating employee travel expenses.

Clinical Specialities

NRTRC has recently conducted a poll of our member networks, asking what Telehealth specialties are provided in their states. The list is pretty impressive, and this is probably not wholly complete. But a look at the list will give you a good idea of what’s possible with Telehealth. In fact, there are very few limits to what can be done with technology.

This list is not exhaustive, but it will give a good view of what’s possible with Telehealth and, hopefully, stimulate some ideas about what your network can do for your patients.

Commonly Used Telehealth Platforms