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Gonzaga University

To NRTRC and Program Director Nicki Perisho ,

You have been an invaluable resource for my work as an NP educator at Gonzaga University, an FNP in Idaho, and health care advocate with Nurse Practitioners of Idaho. I look forward to many more collaborations.

With warm regards and gratitude,
Dr. Melanie Nash Gonzaga University

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) and the Washington State Coalition for Language Access (WASCLA)

NRTRC and WASCLA partnered to host a webinar on Feb. 11, to introduce the topics of telehealth and language access services. During the webinar, panelists explained how communication challenges were met, what some of the ongoing issues are, and the benefits of telehealth that merit being made permanent. In addition, first-hand reports were shared from hospital systems in Yakima, Southwest Washington, and metro Seattle, as well as examples from an early childhood development program and communication services for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients.

The NRTRC played an important role in helping WASCLA facilitate the webinar and outline the agenda. With more than 70 participants from across the country, this webinar put the challenges and opportunities of language access to the forefront of people’s minds. Both the NRTRC and WASCLA recognize that building connections between community-based organizations and the telehealth sector is vital to achieve health equity goals.

WASCLA is an education and advocacy organization that works to eliminate language barriers to essential services in Washington and nationally, with health and health care as a major focus. Soon after the pandemic struck, WASCLA began hearing about serious problems for residents with limited English proficiency and for deaf and hard-of-hearing people related to to the COVID-19 response. The NRTRC, WASCLA and the National Technology Telehealth Assessment Center will hold a webinar on language assistance services and telehealth platforms. March 16, 2021. For more information, see the WASCLA website at

University of Washington/ Harborview Medical Center Behavioral Health Institute (BHI)

On behalf of the University of Washington/ Harborview Medical Center Behavioral Health Institute (BHI), we gratefully acknowledge the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center for its amazing support and collaboration with the BHI during this unprecedented public health crisis created by COVID-19.

To meet this healthcare challenge, front line behavioral health providers across Washington State needed to quickly pivot to provide critical ongoing telemental health and substance use disorder treatment and support. To help these providers be prepared to provide quality telemental health care, the BHI quickly initiated a series of trainings for behavioral health providers designed to provide a telemental health foundation from which these providers would be able to provide a wide range of telemental health services for a broad patient population, especially Medicaid and underserved groups.

For these telemental health trainings to be successful, the BHI Telehealth Training team quickly realized it needed to partner with the NRTRC, who welcomed this partnership and generously offered resources such as subject matter expert guidance and the telemental health toolkit. Without the support of the NRTRC, these initial telemental health trainings would not have succeeded. Because of their support, hundreds of behavioral health providers completed this training and are providing critical mental health care to their patients.

It has been a delight to work with the NRTRC staff. We so appreciate how helpful, incredibly responsive, enthusiastic, and generous with their time they have been in supporting our mutual goals, mentoring BHI leadership, and seeking future opportunities for collaboration.

The Behavioral Health Institute Telehealth Training Team

The Washington State Telehealth Collaborative

The NRTRC has been an invaluable partner to the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative in 2020. In addition to offering support and resources to telehealth practitioners across Washington the NRTRC stepped in and offered their resources to support a state-mandated telehealth training for Washington health professionals. While the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative had the expertise to develop the training content, they did not have the infrastructure to make the training available to health professionals across the state as mandated. When the NRTRC learned of the challenges facing the Collaborative, they generously offered a partnership to help create a training that would meet the stipulations outlined in the bill.

The NRTRC and Washington State Telehealth Collaborative plan to continue working together as partners to support telehealth growth and sustainability in Washington and the Northwest into the future.

Much Gratitude,
The Washington State Telehealth Collaborative

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